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What is

If you've been following my other posts about my experience with the Project Payday information system, you've probably wondered about my mention of ZipNadaZilch, or ZNZ. ZNZ is a great example of an IFW, or Incentive Freebie Website. Let's do a quick rundown of how a typical IFW works. This includes Zipnadazilch, and any of its associated sites

Advertiser Dollars

The first source of money comes from corporate sponsors. These are major companies like Netflix, freecreditreport, Columbia House, etc. that want to get their product out to more potential consumers. They contact an IFW website (or a new IFW website contacts them) and offer them a certain amount of money in return advertising space. Let's say Netflix offers Zipnadazilch $1000.00 to promote their offers. Now Zipnadazilch has to find a way to honor their side of the bargain, or the advertising budget from Netflix will disappear. What's their solution? They use some of the advertising budget to buy electronics and other free gifts (and sometimes just offer cash). They can then offer these gifts for free to consumers, in exchange for taking a look or signing up for a certain number of their sponsors' offers. They capitalize on the advertising aspect by forcing a number of referrals to receive the free gift, which basically forces a certain number of OTHER people to look at the sponsor offers too.

In our Netflix example, Netflix paid out $1000.00 for advertising. If they get enough people to look at their product, sign up for a free trial, and then continue to purchase monthly service, (which is very likely, given how excellent of a product Netflix is offering) then they easily make back their advertising expense that they paid to Zipnadazilch to promote their product to consumers who would not have considered purchasing Netflix otherwise.

Zipnadazilch used a certain amount of their $1000.00 to purchase free gifts (or one big free gift). Let's say they spent $500.00 to purchase a brand new PS3 (a few years ago anyway). By offering this as a prize, they were able to entice at least 1 person to take a lot at their sponsors' offers. If that person was diligent, and managed to refer their friends, then all those people ALSO viewed the sponsor offers. Zipnadazilch has fulfilled their part of the bargain, and earned $500.00. The sponsor has gotten their potential customers to look at their product. Obviously, this proves to be lucrative enough for both parties involved, because new IFW websites are springing up every day.

How Do We Benefit?

Obviously, all we have to do is sign up for the sponsor offers, which we have no intention of keeping, and refer our friends, and then we are home free. We get our free gift from the IFW, and we haven't spent any money on the sponsors' offers.
This process is explained more thoroughly in my other articles about Project Payday Scam or Not. If you want to learn more about Project Payday, which is a free information source about how to take advantage of IFW sites like Zipnadazilch, you can sign up for free at Project Payday and get started right away with earning free gifts and dollars.


*EDIT* Please disregard the below text. This offer is outdated. I would delete it, but Google doesn't look kindly upon deleting text from your posts.

This is a bonus offer for exact ONE (1) person. If they want a test run of the Project Payday system, and of After ONE person leaves a comment or sends me a message saying they are interested, I will delete this section.

I am currently using I am using an offer that will pay me $40.00. All I need is one referral. I could easily get a friend to do this for me, but I want to demonstrate my good will, and also demonstrate how easily the system works. Therefore, I will pay the first person who contacts me with their interest $20.00 into their PayPal account to be my referral. Just comment or message, and I'll send you the link you need, and walk you through all the steps, so you can see how easy using the system is, and prove that Zipnadazilch is legitimate. That's right, $20.00 for looking at some offers, signing up for a few free trials, and canceling them before the trial period expires. It's that easy! I will even suggest which trial offers you complete (because I completed them also).

This is for the FIRST PERSON who reads this and comments or sends me a message. After that, my one offer will be used up and I would have to initiate a new gift offer.

THE EASIEST 20 BUCKS YOU'LL EVER MAKE. I swear. Just contact via comment or message, and I'll get you set up.

I hope this was an informative section for IFWs and a review. I'm always glad to provide info about and any other website that has worked for me. Stay tuned!

David F.


  1. Hey David. I found your blog by googling zipnadazilch. a guy on craigs list offered me 30 for each offer I fulfilled but I thought it might be a scam. I would be interested in trying your offer for 20$ just to see how much time this takes and if its worth it for me to pursue with this guy. you can email me at great blog by the way, I am subscribing. take care

  2. I seen the same ad on craigslist as well, so you are 100% sure it is not a scam?

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  5. Wow, Blogspot never notified me that I had comments on my blog. That's kind of ridiculous. I sincerely apologize to anyone who commented on here and didn't get any kind of response.

    @john, since your post is more than a year old, I'm gonna assume you reached your own conclusions about ZNZ.

    @Expose: At the time of this posting, I was 100% sure ZNZ was not a scam. I haven't used it for about a year (have since moved on to more legitimate online marketing activities..I'm an employee at an SEO firm in Atlanta)

    @evision and joancasilo: you are obviously the same person. why are you leaving spam comments on an n/a blog?

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  7. Dear Joan. The comments section of my blog, just like the comments section of every Blogger blog, is nofollowed.

    No wonder you suck at SEO so much.

  8. I singed up bigcashZipnadazilch under a guy at cragli.t he say will pay me $40 after i complete 4 offers, at beginning i follow what he said 4 offers .GOD at the 1st and 2nd ofter works fine then 3-4 ofter is getting hard to receive a point, finally 9 offers i has been joined but all is free . after than i call the guy he told i need to wait around 12 hours to get approve . at the same time i check my credit card i been charged like $13 dollars couples hours later i receive an email from bigcashZipnadazilch they need me to provide my driver licence and utility bill to proof . I'M NOT GIVING AWAY MY INFORMATION FOR $40 !!!!!!! .... THE NIGHTMARE IS CAME AFTER 3 DAYS AFTER ,THOSE OFFERS I DID COMPLETED THEY CHARGE ME LIKE CRAZY ........TOTAL IS AROUND $250 !!!!! NOTHING IS FREE !!!!!!

  9. @ Kevin You were suppost to keep track of what offers you tryed ans cancel them 80% of the way through. if it was a 7 day trial the 5th day you should have cancelled. Theres also a complaint form you could have filled out if you didnt receive credits. Thats what i did i offer i did i didnt get credits and they fixed the issue 4hrs later after i submitted the claim :)

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  12. ZNZ is absolutely legit! However it is not idiot proof and unfortunately there are a lot of idiots out there. The best one to do even though you don't make as much money is ZNZ One (20.00 per referral). You only have to complete one offer. I signed up at

  13. I have signed up with znz and made 80 bucks. I guess I put too many adds out on craigslist and they blacklisted me. Anyhow, it does work; just don't over post. In addition, I joined the Equifax website, which is a 30 day free trial. When you accept an offer, you just have to make sure that you do not choose one that costs. Look for FREE, and like someone else said, make sure you cancel after you've joined for 80% of the trial.

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  15. How funny, "more legit"? Legit is legit and znz is legit. Even though you have "moved on" znz is still paying out thousands weekly. I dont care where you work if your bringing in 700 plus at home without anyone looking over your shoulder then consider that a legit source of income, yes if your applying yourself you will have to send a tax form to znz in order to continue getting paid. Lol even the IRS say its legit. I make great money from home with znz. I say go for it, check out the znz video tutorial for free, you do not have to be my referral if you do not wish but its important to know what your doing, enjoy.

  16. When I said more legit, I was referring to the kind of work I do now. I used to be all about making a fast buck and constructing crappy little made for adsense sites like this, but now I do more legit marketing.

    And by more legit, I mean I add something constructive to the world and exercise my brain instead of spending all day mindlessly clicking through sign-up forms and lurking niche grey-hat forums. And christ, there's no way you're "making 700 plus" at home, or anywhere, if you're still trying to put links into the comments section of a Blogspot blog.

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